The 7 Best Architecture Instagrams of the Week: Quaint Spaces and Boiserie


by Kevin Heintz

Who doesn't want to get cozy with a good book on this leather couch? @mafaragao's account is basically a collection of endless eye candy. 


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This English Country house is the essence of being dignified, yet unpretentious. 


A few antiques plus glass surfaces & clean lines make this space's style timeless. 


The composition of this vignette is a result of artful editing. 

#morning #inspiration #courtesy of @jacbis

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The elegant green & gold boiserie here is to die for. I drool over the boiserie and grandeur regularly featured on @graciousopulence's account.

Can we talk about how perfect this house is? (📷: @bobby_in_boston)

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This Boston house recalls romantic notions of colonial autumn beauty. @notenoughhangers, the Insta of writer and aesthete Robert Khederian, is a must-follow for anyone in love with Americana. 


It's hard not to be awed by this self-portrait of Peter Paul Rubens. The dramatic lighting is simply stunning. @merveillesdeloi's refined posts never fail to impress.