Finesse Your Vocabulary with These Smart Words

By Sarah Rosenberg

It's an awkward feeling when someone uses a big word that you don't know. I like to avoid that uncomfortable feeling by constantly increasing my vocabulary. A big vocabulary makes one seem smarter, and makes the people around one feel smaller. Learning new vocabulary words should be a regular habit. The following is a small collection of good words you can quickly add to your word bank. 


1.) Peckish (adj.)-hungry

     Ex: After a rigorous workout, I feel peckish. 

2.) Longueur (n.)-a boring passage in a piece of literature, or other work

     Ex: I can't watch dramas--they're too full of longueurs. 

3.) Peccadillo (n.)-a small or trivial offense 

     Ex: Becky's stealing my boyfriend was no peccadillo. But it's okay--revenge is sweet...

4.) Bobeche (n.)-a glass collar at the base of a candlestick used for catching wax

     Ex: Darling, place some bobeches on this candelabra; I don't want to ruin my Bloomingdale's tablecloth. 

5.) Sororal (adj.)-sisterly

     Ex: It was certainly not sororal when Peggy spread Jane's secret. Plus, whether Jane made out with a hotdog is her business. 

6.) Tawny (adj.)-amber or amber-brown colored

     Ex: I love fall's tawny leaves!

7.) Assuage (v.)-1.) to make a negative feeling subside

     Ex: Ironically, I assuaged my sadness about my fat body by eating junk food. 

Keith Blackmer