Halloween Cookies that Actually Scare (or at Least Give Mild Anxiety)


by Kevin Heintz

Traditional Halloween cookies have become a joke; Silly Frankenstein face cookies or jack-o-lantern cookies are such clichés. These realistic, anxiety-inducing cookies are much more exciting. They feature things that we actually dread; everyone can relate to being extra cautious whilst Facebook stalking, in fear of accidentally hitting the like button. Some of the situations featured on the cookies are only slightly annoying, which adds irony and hyperbole, making them just as much fun to read as they are to eat. They are more exciting and memorable to bring to a Halloween party than one of those other cliché cookies.

To decorate these cookies, you’ll need:

-Sugar cookies that have been iced with royal icing (the icing should be dry for this project) 

-Fine paint brushes

-Gel food coloring in red, purple, or green


-Small saucers or bowls

Step 1

Step 1

Step 1: Add a drop of selected gel food coloring to the mixing saucer. A little gel coloring goes a long way. With a fine-tipped brush, stir in just a drop or two of vodka. Because of its alcohol content, the vodka cuts drying time remarkably. 







Step 2

Step 2

Step 2: Once color is well mixed, pick an everyday scary/annoying thing to paint on the cookie. Every so often when writing, go back and draw the coloring down with your brush to create the effect of oozing blood.


Note: This project is best done one night in advance because even with the added vodka, smearing may occur if handled/transported too soon.