A ‘Mentally Disturbed Martha Stewart’ is Exactly What We Need Right Now


by Sarah Rosenberg

With current politics making us anxious about where the country is going, we need some amusement and distraction right about now. It’s easy to forget that it’s the beginning of fall—when we can finally crack out the oversized sweater and buy pumpkin-flavored everything. For me, fall is time to watch vintage episodes of Martha Stewart carving a pumpkin, or cooking squash soup. But one YouTuber just made fall even better by giving us what he calls “Mentally Disturbed Martha Stewart.”

 There are a plethora of YouTube chefs, from Rosina Pansino to Gordon Ramsey. However, Keith Blackmer is our favorite. His episodes start out normal and then…digress. The newest video shows a demonstration of some delicious-looking candy apples, which is very “Martha.” But the “mentally disturbed Martha” takes over when he proceeds to decorate a festive dumpster and teaches how to properly add poison to candy apples. But it’s probably his perfectly timed awkwardness that killed us. The show is called Bile Style, which is fitting, as bile is the greenish-brown fluid that aids digestion in the stomach. In addition to the hilarious weirdness, this video actually makes me want to prepare candy apples, but I think I’ll leave the poison out.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone

Keith Blackmer