Letter from the editor 

I have always been obsessed with making things beautiful. Nineteenth century English philosopher Walter Pater believed that the only true happiness in life exists in the moments of enjoying beautiful things. Finesse Report is the headquarters of my artistic pursuits and lessons. It's the magazine for artists, aesthetes, and people who want to live well. Finesse Report's readers have style, class, and most importantly, personality. 

While the magazine covers art news, artists, art history, fashion, and much more, it is also dedicated to improving & beautifying the world around us. To encourage and share insights for better living, topics include cooking, gardening, home repair, and decorating.

But fine art, design, and domesticity are often treated with dour seriousness. Enjoying life means enjoying art, as well as having a sense of humor. Finesse Report delivers the best art and home-related content with personality. Hopefully readers get inspiration and insight from the rest of the magazine.

We appreciate our readers, which means we want to connect with you. Feel free to share opinions and thoughts by leaving comments on articles. Readers may also suggest topics for future publication through the Contact page. Please enjoy all of the Finesse Report insight and inspiration to come this Fall and Holiday Season. 



Kevin Heintz

October 2018